"Chatman is now the dean of B.C. composers"

---David Gordon Duke, Vancouver Sun, November 26, 2003

"Chatman's Lawren S. Harris Suite was undoubtedly the highlight... at once varied and unified, strongly inventive, yet not in the least taxing for the listener...a fine score."

--- Richard Todd, Ottawa Citizen, August 5, 2003

"Proud Music of the Storm is a very effective skilfully written piece, sensitive to the text and it got a huge ovation, which is really something for a brand-new work…"

-- Lloyd Dykk, Vancouver Sun, November 5, 2002

"Stephen Chatman writes bright, expressive, eminently accessible fare that's easy on the ear and good for the soul. His style is fluid, his harmonies appealing, and his good humor very much in evidence…"

--Greenfield, American Record Guide, Winter, 2001

"Stephen Chatman has found such favour in choral circles"

-- Elissa Poole, Opus Magazine, Toronto, Winter, 2000

"a breathless romantic glow… freshly inventive settings… music that is a pleasure to listen to…" (Due West CD)

--Rob Barnett, Classical CD Reviews- Nov. 2000
Music on the Web (United Kingdom)

"Chatman has written a concerto that will surely become part of the clarinettist's standard repertoire. Prairie Dawn is an inviting and original 10 minute work. Chatman has crafted a wonderful composition with an appeal that invites the players and listeners into the drama."

-- Linda Bartley, The Clarinet, December, 2000

Amusements: Books 1, 2, and 3 "Elementary students will be fascinated with the sounds and colors of these pieces. The works are imaginative, playable, and a wonderful source of 20th-century music."

--Clavier, March 1997

"Chatman is a sensitive colorist… in Crimson Dream his abilities as a tone-painter are most impressively displayed."

--J. Wierzbicki, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, March 20, 1988

"Chatman shows skill in writing for the orchestra, a good ear for colour and a love for the evocative lyric quality of the solo winds and section strings."

-- Nancy Malitz, The Detroit News, June 27, 1986

"A gifted composer, Stephen Chatman had a dream, a Crimson Dream … Chatman has written an appealing, evocative piece".

-- Robert Commanday, San Francisco Chronicle, Nov. 10, 1990

"Earth Songs... Unapologetically dramatic... "Smile O voluptous cool-breath'd earth! Built up to a roaring climax that was greeted by cheers and a standing ovation"

-- Jessica Werb, The Georgia Straight, October 2, 2008

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